Sunday, November 4, 2007

Anti-aging nutrition with breast feeding

Anti-aging nutrition is not just for the elderly. It is more important for the young - to maintain youth and prevent premature aging. Anti-aging nutrition should be started on day one of life, the moment little baby craws out screaming for the rich anti-oxidant natural food - breast milk.

Do not listen to the formula milk people, no matter what they claim of how close and similar powdered milk is to human milk.

Breast milk is a complete natural food with the right amount and type of protein, fats and carbohydrates. The protein is in a form easily digestible and absorbed by the baby. Much of the protein in formula milk is cow protein and cannot be utilised by human babies. The fats in breast milk contain natural omega acids such as DHA and AHA, both of which develope the baby's brain and vision.

Most important is breast milk contains immunologic antibodies, from the mother, that protect the baby against infections. Formula milk-fed babies have more diarrhoea, urine infection, ear and lung infection. In fact there are many dozens of vitamins and minerals and other ingredients in breast milk (not found in formula milk) that are necessary for the baby's deveolpment.

Breast feeding bonds baby to mother. The closeness between baby and mother provides emotional security and also enhances the baby's mental development. The maternal instinct also finds fulfilment in breast feeding. Besides, the mother burns more calories, reduces her weight and breast feeding is known to reduce breast and ovarian cancer.

It is critical that for a baby to grow well physically, emotionally and mentally, he/she should be breast fed exclusively for six months and longer. This lays a foundation for future healthy development.

All young would-be mothers should be prepared to breast feed their babies. It is one care that is worth sacrificing. There is no excuse not to, unless she has not enough breast....sorry...not enough milk.

Sunday, October 28, 2007

Exercise complementing anti-ageing nutrition

Inclusion of anti-oxidant rich food in the daily diet is vitally important for the anti-ageing process. But if a person is a couch potato he will not get the optimum benefits. Exercise is necessary to create a demand for healthy nutrients to be absorbed and assimilated into the tissues and cells.

Regular exercise of 30 minutes a day or for an hour three times per week is adequate to ensure lasting health benefits. Exercise should be aerobic and of moderate intensity like brisk walking or swimming, including using light weights. It is not necessary to be strenuous, which is for conditioning the body for some purposes like competitive sports.

To motivate yourself, think of the benefits of exercise to your mental and physical wellbeing. And these are:

1) Exercise improves cardio-pulmonary effort. During exercise the deep breathing results in getting more oxygen into the blood circulation. The heart beats stronger and more effectively. The smaller arteries dilate to supply more blood to the heart and muscle tissues. The heart muscle becomes stronger and the heart arteries (coronary arteries) becomes more efficient. This is important to prevent heart diseases.

2) Exercise reduces excess body weight i.e. prevents and reduces obesity. The improved muscle mass in turn burn up more calories

3) Exercise tone and improves muscles and tendons and promotes flexibility, coordination and balance. It reduces falls and also prevents osteoporosis of the elderly.

4) During moderate intensity exercise, the brain produces a good chemical called endorphin. This endorphin enhances our mood with a feeling of wellbeing, reduces depression, neutralises stress and relieves bodyaches.

5) A relaxed, de-stressed mind and body after exercise, promotes better, deeper sleep.The body temperature, heart beats and metabolic rate become lower, 3 to 4 hours after exercise.

6) Exercise rejuvenates the body and mind and enable the body cells to assimilate and metabolise the healthy nutrients better and regenerates healthier cells. This prevents premature aging and chronic diseases such as diabetes mellitus, heart diseases, osteoarthritis, cancer.

These are some of the benefits of regular moderate exercise. Together with the anti-ageing nutrition program, it is worth incorporating into our daily life.

Sunday, October 21, 2007

Anti-aging nutrition with anti-oxidants.

The basic principle of good preventive health is proper nutrition, regular exercise and the reduction of stressful environment. Life expectancy in first world countries has gone up to the 80s. This is largely due to our understanding of proper nutrition and of the battle that goes on continuously at the cell level between the ravages of the free radicals and the life saving anti-oxidants. The anti-oxidants form the basis of our antiaging nutrition.

What are these anti-oxidants ? They are the common vitamins - beta-carotene (vit.A), ascorbic acid (vit.C), tocopherol & tocotrienol (vit.E), selenium and other phytonutrients such as flavonoids, lycopenes, gluthathione, co-enzyme Q10, and some enzymes.

These vitamins and phytonutrients are found abundantly in fruits and vegetables, legumes & whole grains, seeds (almond seeds, sunflower seeds, beans, nuts), fish (fish oil omega3), and selectively in garlic, barley, yoghurt and others.

Obviously changing dietary habits by consuming more of the anti-oxidant food and eliminating the undesirable animal fats, preserved, processed and packaged food, will certainly improve health, prevent chronic diseases and retard ageing. It is healthy eating to take at least 3 servings of fruits per day and always include a variety of vegetables, legumes and fish in the daily meals

For those who are less inclined to "eat to live", there are anti-oxidant preparations where the vitamins and phytonutrients are all included in a single capsule. Taking this anti-oxidant capsule daily together with a multivitamin mineral complex is good insurance for anti-aging. Consult your health food store.

Remember, the battle for survival goes on every minute in the cell. The cell is you. It fights very hard to ward off the damaging effects of free radicals. You owe it to yourself to to help out by supplying more anti-oxidants.

Next week: How exercise supplements your anti-ageing nutrition.

Sunday, October 14, 2007

Anti-aging Nutrition

We are what we eat.

It is common knowledge that if we constantly load our body with junk food, preserved
meat, fats & oily, fried food, we will end up with chronic diseases and
premature aging.

Anti-aging nutrition is the art and science of proper dieting that promotes slowing the
aging process and prevention of chronic diseases.
Exercise and a stress-minimised environment are the other contributing factors.

How does "bad" food damage the body ?
We look at this at the cellular level - the cells that form the tissues and organs of our body.

Bad food refers to the junk food, preserved meats with nitrates (ham, bacon, sausages),
animal fats and oily food and excessive refined sugar. Bad food also includes high-end
Chinese restaurant suckling pig, Peking duck, pig's leg, etc

The free radicals in these food cause damage to the normal cell's molecular structure.
This damaged molecule becomes a free radical itself. It is "sick", stressed and unstable.
It will then go on to kiss its neighbouring molecules damaging and duplicating more free radical
molecules which in turn will do the same to their neighbours, spreading damage to the whole cell If unchecked, damage will engulf the whole organ and its functions.

A damaged cell could not regenerate a normal healthy cell. An aged cell would be produced.
Worse, if a DNA cell is involved, haphazard-structured tumour or cancer cells will result.

But God is great. To counter and neutralise free radicals, we have anti-oxidants.
And anti-oxidants is found abundantly in your Garden of Eden - the apples, fruits and vegetables.
Now we also have man made anti-oxidant vitamin-mineral supplements - for our convenience
but not entirely replacing the benefits of the natural fruits and vegies.
These then comprise the anti-aging nutrition that bless you from aging pre-maturely and prevents chronic diseases like diabetes mellitus, heart diseases, cancer and degenerative diseases.

So anyone who wants to be blessed with health and fitness should go to the Garden of Eden
and partake of the abundant anti-aging nutrients and also jog there every day too.

Next week: what are the specific anti-aging nutrition, how do you take them.